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LifeSaver Int'l, Inc. - Saliva Based Testing for Personal Healthcare

LifeSaver is a manufacturer of a saliva based testing system designed to promote personal health awareness. The foundation of our patent pending system are individual tests called Stiks®.

Never before has there been such a simple way for people around the world to test themselves for these health conditions.  LifeSaver Stiks® will be sold over the counter at your local store and are designed to be used anytime, anywhere.


How does saliva based testing work?

Simply wipe a LifeSaver’s patent pending Stik® across your tongue and in less than two minutes the test will be complete. Our saliva based products can be used in the privacy of your own home or office  and are designed for use at public events, universities, bars, restaurants and other venues.

LifeSaver welcomes you to be a part of our vision; creating revolutionary medical diagnostic devices that will “Save Precious Lives.”

“Instant Saliva Tests without a needle or a lab”

All LifeSaver Products are Made in the USA